The United Services Automobile Association i.e. USAA is based in Texas. It is a group of companies that provide financial services. This also includes reciprocal inter-insurance exchange with its subdivisions. These companies offer services like investment, banking, and insurance. The insurance service is only for the people and families who are serving or served the U.S. military. The number of members of USAA reached 12.4 by the end of 2017.

The USAA was founded by 25 United States Army Officers. Military officers belong to a high-risk group so it was difficult for them to get secure auto insurance. So this was a way by which they could get mutual self-insurance. The bank even offers bill payment, ATM, easy deposit, real estate rewards network, and other facilities. These require USAA routing number for their processing.

USAA Bank Routing Number-History

Originally the bank had a different name. It was the United States Army Automobiles Association. The changes in the name occurred in the year 1924. It was renamed to United Services Automobile Association. This was the time when commissioned officers who were part of other U.S. military services were also given membership. During the early time, the company had offices in London, Germany, England, and Frankfurt. After the meeting between 25 United States Army Officers, the company was formed on 20th June 1922. The meeting was held at the Gunter Hotel with the motive to know about the acquisition of auto insurance.

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The headquarter of USAA is located in San Antonio city that is part of Texas. It covers the area of 286 acres. USAA is amongst the first companies that brought the concept of direct marketing. Most of the part of companies business is governed through the use of telephone or internet. The company has hired employees for this work and doesn’t use agents.

usaa bank routing numbers

There are different services offered by the USAA Federal Savings Bank. It was established on 30th December 1983. According to the bank’s annual report of the year 2015, USAA had more than 6.3 million accounts with $62.549 billion deposits. The bank lobby in San Antonio is the only location of USAA with full services. However, there are other cities with financial centers. These are used to provide assistance in getting information about the services provided by USAA. Customers can access the personal services by phone, mail, in person, or through the internet. In fact, customers can deposit checks through mobile applications.  

Earlier the company used to conduct business via mail. It was only in the late 1960s that the company made changes in its business. It moved from mail to phone-based services. The internet sales and services and toll-free number were launched in the year 1999 and 1978 respectively.

Routing Number for USAA Bank

Let’s get more inside the banking facilities of USAA. The bank started providing its amazing services in 1983. Its main branch lies in Texas that is one of the largest states in the U.S. It has gradually expanded its services to multiple cities. This includes almost every single important city and also the ones that are nearby military centers. It has multiple economic centers that are spread all over the United States of America. The bank provides the financial services in a stress-free manner. You can get its forms through different ways like email, mobile, or even through any person.

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The USAA Federal Savings Bank also has its own mobile application. This application is compatible with all the leading operating systems. While you use the application you will come across your account trades through your mobile phone. You can access almost everything using this mobile application. You must download the application to get access to the USAA-FDS routing number.

USAA ABA Routing Number

Routing NumberLocationRegistered Name
114094041San Antonio, TXUSAA Federal Savings Bank
122487129San Antonio, TXUSAA Savings Bank
314074269San Antonio, TXUSAA Federal Savings Bank

The USAA routing number plays an important role in the process of transferring funds to multiple other bank accounts. Talking about its competitors, they are namely Military Bank, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Bank of America. Unlike other banks that offer limited service, this bank offers several other services. Some of them are the mail-order catalog facilities for the jewelry sale offered mainly to the ones that deal in diamonds.

USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Number

The USAA ABA Transit Routing Number is 314074269. The US Federal Reserve assigns the ABA number to the banks. Every bank possesses a single ABA number. These routing number digits play a vital role in the transfer of funds by electronic medium. You will need them to transfer funds from one bank to another bank or institution. There are other terms that are used in place of routing number like ABA number. You can find them easily on the check or deposit slip. The check holds multiple details about the user and the bank. For finding the account holder’s name you must check the upper-left corner of the check. The name of the bank is printed on the bottom side of the check. You might also find the check number twice on the check. On the bottom corner itself, the nine-digit routing number is also displayed.

The same routing number of the USAA Savings Bank is used for checks and ACH transfers, be it a direct deposit or international wire transfer. This makes it a bit different from other banks. There are certain banks that issue one routing number for the paper product and another one for the online transactions. Another important point to note is that the international wire transfer requires a Swift Code. USAA doesn’t use it. Swift code is actually a combination of letters and numbers. You must always check with the bank that whether it uses a Swift code for its transfers or not.