The USAA Federal Savings Bank provides banking services. With its establishment on 30th December 1989, it has grown to a large extent. According to the annual reports of USAA of the year 2015, it had over 6.3 million accounts with $62.549 deposits. Its fully functional banking location is in San Antonio. It only has its financial centers in other cities. These are mainly located near the military bases and provide assistance in using the USAA services. You can access its services through the mail, phone or in person.


The USAA offers insurance service too. These include homeowner insurance, automobile insurance, and renters insurance. In addition to casualty insurance, it provides term life insurance and whole life insurance. Thus, the range of services provided by the USAA bank is many. The USAA Federal Bank will provide you with a routing number that you can use to access particular services. The routing number depends on the branch in which the user has opened the bank account. To be able to use them correctly the user should have known about these routing numbers and their usage.

USAA Routing Numbers

The USAA is a nine-digit number or code that the bank offers. It is mainly used in the United States of America as compared to other regions. It helps the account holders in performing electronic transactions, funds transfer, payments, and other important services that the bank provides.

Routing Numbers are also recognized by other terms. These are the ABA numbers, transit numbers, or Routing Transit Number. If you have used online services then you might have noticed that it requests routing number for online transfer. The USAA routing number makes the overall process of transferring funds stress-free. It takes just a few minutes to transfer funds from one place to the other. Although the numbers are different for the branches they are utilized for the same purpose. Routing numbers are considered fairly essential for making online fund transfers. 

USAA FSB Bank Routing Numbers

The USAA Federal Savings Bank is one of the most demanded financial or banking institutions in America. This banking institution offers flexible facilities that are diverse and appealing to the clients. The USAA bank has its focus on selecting programs that are highly profitable for the clients. Thus, instead of themselves, their primary focus is on their clients.

The USAA routing numbers are stated to be the standard necessity for transferring funds. These routing numbers of USAA are utilized for insurances, investments, subsidiaries, and other facilities for different packages. USAA has expanded its reach through the software mobile application. It acts as an assistant in setting up the funds transfer, payment of bills, and electronic transactions. From the comfort of your home itself, you will be able to transfer funds to whomsoever you want. 

The routing numbers are printed on the check in the left-side bottom corner. You will find them on each and every leaf of the checkbook. If not on checkbook you can even find them online. The initial nine digits specify the routing number followed by the account number.

Using the customer care service of the USAA FSB you can obtain the distinct routing number.

The USAA Bank Routing Number is 314074269.

The official link of the USAA Federal Savings Bank is

USAA Customer Support Contact Number: 1-800-531-8722