The wire transfer facility by Regions Bank is the most amazing one. It is used for sending as well as receiving funds. Whether you want to transfer money to a domestic account or an international one there is a facility for both of them. Talking about the basic structure of Regions Bank it is a financial and banking corporation. The bank is providing primary support to the clients by supporting the domestic and international wire transfer. The Regions bank wire transfer is the fastest possible approach for transferring funds.


Domestic Regions Bank Wire Transfer

The domestic wire transfer is a facility that allows the people of US to send funds inside the USA. There are few people who are still not clear about the definition of ACH transfer and wire transfer. They also misunderstand these two terms to be alike. In reality, these terms are not the same. Considering the fact that the money transfer through ACH is a bit complicated. The ACH transfer process is usually completed within 2 to 4 days. The wire transfer is much convenient and faster as the transfer occurs within a single day.

Name of the Bank

Regions Bank

Routing Number


Account Holder


Account Number

Your Bank Account Number

Address of the Bank

Regions Bank

1900 Fifth Avenue North,

Birmingham, AL 35203

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Is there a Difference in Routing Numbers?

This is another crucial fact that needs to be cleared in the minds of customers. Yes, there is a difference between them. They vary from one region to another. The reason for such differentiation is clear. It is a form of unique identity given to the regions. This helps the bank identify the transfers. When you are performing the transfers the bank records will show the details of it. It will show the region from which the transfer was initiated. This will give a more legal recognition to the process. It is a much flexible way of transferring funds. It would be much easier for you to track the transactions you make through the banking service.

Regions offer multiple ways to its customers for the transfer of money. There is a Regions Personal Pay option that will easily facilitate the transfer of money online to its customers. This service can be availed by using the mobile or online banking service. There is also Western Union Online Wire Transfer service option that you can opt for from any of these branches. Also, you can transfer money between your accounts using online banking at an ATM machine. All you have to do is visit the Regions bank branch. Another option is to call them for more information.

International Regions Bank Wire Transfer

With the International wire transfer facility, the user is able to transfer money to foreign nations. This usually occurs on the same date the transfer is initiated. This is the main reason people use this approach for sending money. Now, the question that arises is that how are these banks able to send funds quickly. This occurs with the help of swift code.