The bank holding company People’s United Financial, Inc. owns the People’s United Bank. It has 403 branches that operate in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and southeastern New York State. People’s United Bank is the 2nd largest bank in New England and 46th largest in the U.S.

It is a community based regional bank that was founded in 1842. The major services offered by the bank are retail and commercial banking, as well as wealth management services. The bank tries to provide an extraordinary experience for its customers. In fact, there is a seven-day banking service available at different stop and shop Peoples bank locations in New York and Connecticut.

The People’s United Bank’s headquarters was built in the year 1989. The credit for its amazing architecture goes to a renowned architect Richard Meier. With 16 stories, it is the tallest building in the downtown Bridgeport. This may change as there two new residential high rises planned for the year 2020. The building is officially known as Bridgeport Center.

In the year 1955, the banking company acquired the Southport Savings Bank. Also, it is the first bank in the country that began the telephone bill paying service in 1981. In the same year, the company acquired the First Stamford Bank and Trust Company assets. The following year i.e. 1982 witnessed the acquisition of Load Association of Bridgeport and Guardian Federal Savings. The name People’s Bank was given in the year 1983 after it acquired the People’s Bank of Vemon. The best facility for the customers i.e. issuing credit cards was started in 1985. The year 1986 saw the acquiring of First Federal Savings Bank.

In 2010, the People’s United Financial has purchased the Financial Federal Corporation. This is an equipment financial company that is headquartered in Houston. Also, in 2011 the People’s United Financial that is a holding company for People’s United Bank purchased the Danvers Bancorp. This Bancorp is a bank holding company that is a sole subsidiary and also headquartered in Danvers. The People’s United Bank has also done the acquisition of  57 branches in New York. These were in the metro area from the RBS Citizens. There was the addition of more branches to the existing Connecticut Stop and Shop locations that complemented the bank’s existing traditional branches.

Talking about the present conditions of the Bank, it is really prevalent in the stock investments in the United States of America. Its total assets as calculated in the year 2017 are $44.453 billion. As reported by the Chief Executive Officer, it is a leading self-governing bank in New England, United States. You can even access People’s United Bank online.

People’s United Bank Routing Number

For those who do not know how to find bank routing number is a nine-digit code. It is used for making e-payments, arranging the checks, commencing wire transfers, and make direct deposits. Other terms used for this number are Routing Transit Numbers, ABA Routing Numbers, and ACH Routing Numbers.

The Transit Number of People’s United Bank is 221172186

For those who want to obtain wire transfer into their People’s United Bank Account the following details need to be given to the person or business:

For International Incoming Wire Transfers

· Name of the Bank: People’s United Bank

· Swift Code: PESBUS33

· Wire Routing Transit Number: 221172186

· Account Number: Your Account Number

· City: Bridgeport

· State: Connecticut

For Wire Transfers that are Domestic US-Based

 Name of the Bank: People’s United Bank

Account Number: Your Account Number

City: Bridgeport

State: Connecticut​

Name of the Account: It should be same as written in the ban’s statement

Wire Routing Transit Number: 221172186

People’s United Routing Number

011302768850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
011302616850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
011201500850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
011104199850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
011201526850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
011201432850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
011104131850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
211072911850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
221172186850 MAIN ST BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06604
011600062P.O. BOX 820 BURLINGTONVermont05402
021408597850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06604
011802488850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
211373542850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
211371434850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
211372129850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601
211174194850 MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORTConnecticut06601