FirstMerit Corporation was a varied company that provided financial services. Its headquarters were in Akron, Ohio. The approximate values of its assets as calculated on 30th June 2016 were $26.2 billion. It had 400 ATM and 350 banking offices at various locations. These locations included Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

FirstMerit bank has been providing a variety of services to the businesses and consumers. These services include the financial and banking facilities. The main affiliates that were part of the FirstMerit Corporation include the FirstMerit Community Development Corporation and FirstMerit Mortgage Corporation.

FirstMerit Bank: History

The FirstMerit bank was established in the year 1845. The merger of the Old Phoenix National Bank that is located in Medina and First National Bank of Ohio led to the formation of First Bancorporation of Ohio also called First Ohio. Just after one year, another purchase was made by the bank and that was for Twinsburg Banking Company. It was only after the purchase in the year 1995 that the name of First Bancorporation was changed to FirstMerit Corporation. There was another big addition to the FirstMerit in the year 1997 and that was a life insurance and consulting firm i.e. Abell & Associates.

The company was continuously on an expansion spree in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Lawrence County with the addition of 32 more branches. In the year 2009, the FirstMerit made two deals with the First Bank and its affiliates with deposits of amount $1.2 billion. After that in 2010, either the branches of First Banks were closed or converted one of the FirstMerit branches.

For a stock-for-stock transaction, the Citizens Republic Bancorp was acquired by the FirstMerit. It was announced on 13th September 2012 and the transaction was valued at $912 million approximately. The chairman and CEO of the FirstMerit Michigan was Sandy Peirce in the year 2013. On 13th June 2013, all the banks owned by the Citizens Republic were renamed as the FirstMerit bank. There was another change that happened with the Citizens Bank. The weather ball of the Citizens bank was replaced with the letters F M.

On 26th January 2016, there was a huge announcement made by the Huntington Bank. It was about the purchase of FirstMerit Bank. This regulatory approval was going to make the Huntington bank of the largest banks in Ohio. This acquisition was completed in on 16th August. Justice Department had some trust issues so some of the branches were sold to the First Commonwealth Bank. There are about 107 branches that are located within the 2.5 range of the other FirstMerit or Huntington. These branches are about to be shut soon. Now, the remaining branches and accounts of the FirstMerit bank are about to be converted to the Huntington at the beginning of the year 2017.

FirstMerit Routing Numbers


It is already known to the customers that different bank locations have different routing numbers. You are going to need these numbers to complete transactions. Thus, we suggest you save these routing numbers at any point in time. You will find all the numbers with their location and address so that it is easy for you to find the one linked to your bank account. Without these routing numbers, you won’t be able to perform multiple banking tasks like fund transfers, direct deposits, electronic transactions, and others. When you are going to use the online banking service of the bank these numbers are going to be really useful.

The routing number of the FirstMerit Bank National Association is a nine-digit code. It is necessary for different kinds of electronic or financial transactions. These include direct deposits, ordering checks, electronic payments and much more. There are other titles that are also used in place of routing numbers. They are ABA numbers, Routing Transit Numbers, Transit Numbers, ABA routing numbers, and ACH routing numbers. The routing number depends on the branch and location of the bank. You must check the original location of the opening of your savings account. You can even find it at the bottom corner of the check.

Routing NumberAddressStateZip
241270110OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241270291OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241271096OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241272024OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
243373484OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
244171999OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
041200555OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241270149OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241270822OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241271180OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241272037OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
244171533OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
041201994OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
041202812OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
072400528OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
241070501OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
072410123OPC806 AKRONOhio44307
075901998OPC806 AKRONOhio44307