Deutsche Bank is a German investment bank that even offers financial services and is headquartered in Deutsche Bank Twin Towers Frankfurt, Germany. It is a leading global investment bank and has profitable clients franchise. It has been competing with the global providers of financial services to deliver exceptional value for its shareholders and people. The services provided by the bank include institutional equities broking, retail banking, on-shore investment banking, and business processes outsourcing.

Deutsche Bank USA Routing Numbers

Deutsche Bank USA has employed over 97,535 personnel in 130 countries. The total assets as calculated in the year 2017 are 1.475 trillion. You will get incomparable financial facilities in 73 nations. Being a leader in the Europe and Germany, the bank is focused on growing its market in Asian and North American regions. Talking about its achievement, the bank has been awarded as the ”Best Cash Management Specialist 2008”, “Financial Express Award for Growth 2008 & 2007”, and many more.

Deutsche Bank: History

The bank was established in Berlin city in the year 1870. At that point in time, it started as a specialist bank mainly for foreign trade. It provides you with a variety of investment and financial products. It was on 22nd January 1870 that the bank’s proclamation was adopted. The Prussian government permitted it for the banking service by providing it the license on 10th March 1870. Before the Deutsche bank was founded the German trade was dependent on the English and French banking institutions. Thus, the bank focused on promoting the trade relations between Germany and other overseas markets.

Three of the main founders of the Deutsche Bank were Adelbert Delbruck, L. Bamberger, and Georg Siemens. The main workplace of the bank was established in the cities like Hamburg and Bremen during the time period of 1871-72. The overseas business started with Shanghai and London that was followed by South America. It was only during the 1890s that the bank formed alliances with large regional banks. This marked its entry into the industrial regions of Germany.

The Deutsche Bank USA has been prominently working worldwide as an investment bank. It has a solid private customer’s franchise that includes three group divisions. These divisions are Corporate Investments (CI), Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), and Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM).

The postwar period was difficult for the Deutsche Bank. It was a time of liquidations. This was the time when the bank had already lost most of its foreign assets. They did spend a lot of energy in trying to save what had been achieved. The bank also tried its hands in the new business. It played a significant role in establishing a film production company. The merger of Deutsche with other local banks in 1928 was the biggest merger ever in the German banking history. One of the reasons for the merger was the increasing costs. The decision for the merger was taken at the right time that helped in counteracting the world economic and banking crisis.

Deutsche Bank Routing Number


The Deutsche Bank USA routing number is a nine-digit code or number. The easiest or the commonest place where you can find it is the bottom corner of the check that too on the left side. To uniquely identify a bank this routing number is utilized. Due to its assignment by the American Bankers Association, the number is even termed as the ABA number. Other terms that are used to denote this number are Routing Transit Numbers (RTN) and Check Routing Numbers. Depending on the location of the bank where you have opened the account the number may vary.

There is only 1 active routing number for the Deutsche Bank Trust Co Americas

The routing number for the Deutsche Bank is 292976874

The new routing number for Deutsche Bank is 292977666