The Comerica Incorporated is a company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It is a financial services company that has retail banking operations in different regions. This includes Florida, California, Michigan, Arizona, and Texas. The company has only limited business operations in other states of United States of America including Mexico and Canada.
In 1849, the Company was originally founded by Elon Farnsworth as the Detroit Savings Fund Institute in Detroit. Since then the Company has gone through several name changes. They were “The Detroit Savings Bank”, “The Detroit Bank”, and “The Detroit Bank & Trust Company”. It was finally in 1982 that the name “Comerica Incorporated” was adopted.

It was only in the year 1982 that the Comerica bank became part of the Florida market. It’s biggest achievement was the acquisition of Bank of the Commonwealth of Michigan. This was its rival for in its hometown itself. After it acquired the Grand Bancshares it entered the Texas market too. In the year 1990, the approval for the construction of a new headquarters building i.e. One Detroit Center was received. In 1991 the bank acquired Bancshares and Plaza Commerce Bancorp that led to its expansion in California. Next year marked its merger with the Manufacturers National Corporation that was a Detroit-based bank.

Talking about the largest banks in the U.S, the Comerica Bank is on the list. The Comerica Bank’s largest offices are in Dallas, Livonia, Michigan, Detroit, and Auburn Hills with its headquarters in Texas. In fact, the bank has even offered sponsorship to some. This includes the Comerica Bank New Year’s Parade that was organized between the year 2007 and 2010.

Routing number and account number

Comerica Bank Routing Number

The Bank’s online services allow you to bank wherever and whenever you want the account access. You can login to the account 24*7 provided you have the internet access. Some of the major services it offers include external transfers, access to loan accounts, savings, CDs, six months account history, and much more. The best feature of this service is that you do not need to share the Web Banking User ID to give access to another person.

The online banking services of the bank are available for all the customers. You can check multiple details like account balance and others through online banking login. Another benefit of such services is that you can even find Comerica Bank Routing Number. There are some really easy steps that can be followed to find the same. All you have to do is to visit the official site of Comerica Bank. After that, you can log in to your Comerica Web Banking account using the ID and Password. Now, look for the accounts section to find the routing number. You can even save your Comerica Bank ABA Routing Number for the same.

Comerica Bank Transit Number

In the United States to identify the financial institution a nine-digit code is used. This code is the routing number. The routing number is needed for a variety of purposes like e-payments, ordering checks, setting up direct deposits, and more. Other terms used for this number are ACH routing numbers, routing transit numbers, and aba routing numbers. This number may vary according to the state but there are certain banks that use a worldwide number for every single state.

Routing NumberAddress**State, Zip
067012099PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072000096PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072000339PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072401064P.O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072404485P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072404786P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072409794 072000096P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072413133P.O. BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
072413256P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
111925074PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
113015584PO BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
111000753P O BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275
121137522P.O. BOX 75000 DETROITMichigan, 48275

There are chances that the state you belong to is not mentioned here. You can check online for the Comerica Bank Routing number that belongs to the state you opened your primary bank account in.