Citizens Financial Group, Inc. is a bank that is headquartered in Providence that is part of Rhode Island. This American bank operated in multiple states. These states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Ohio. During the time period between the year 1988 and 2014, it was a subsidiary of RBS. Here, RBS stands for The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

In the year 2015 RBS sold its only remaining stake in the company i.e. 20.9%. The Citizens bank has approximately 3,200 ATMs and 1,200 branches. They are spread across 11 states working under the Citizens Bank brand. Talking about the rankings of the bank, on the list of largest banks in the U.S., it ranks at 22nd position.

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania

At the beginning Citizens bank was founded as the High Street Bank. It happened in the year 1828 in Providence City in Rhode Island. The year 1871 marked the launch of the second charter by the Rhode Island. This was the Citizens Savings Bank. After that, it formed the Citizens Trust Company along with its parent group. The bank then expanded its branches in the Rhode Island with total 29 branches in that state alone. After acquiring The Greenville Trust Company in 1954 the bank formed the Citizens Financial Group.

Citizens underwent a change in its stature from mutual to federal stock savings bank in 1985. The first expansion of the bank into states other than Rhode Island began in 1986 with Massachusetts. Under the ownership of RBS, the bank gained possession of various banks in New England. All these acquisitions led to the bank becoming the second largest bank in that particular region. To mark a stronger presence in Boston the bank acquired the retail banking business that was under State Street Corporation. It began its expansion out of England in the year 2001. In 2001 RBS purchased Mellon Financial Corporation’s retail banking division in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for $2 billion. This one major step led to yet one more achievement. It was marked as the 2nd position in terms of the largest bank in Pennsylvania.

It isn’t that the bank has always seen a great time. The Citizens Financial Group even faced some financial crisis during its journey of growth. It was in May 2008 that the bank failed to announce that it was under investigation. This investigation was done by the Securities and Exchange Commission. There was a sub-prime mortgage crisis and the bank was considered to be involved in it. This crisis led to the devastation of the U.S. housing market. Also, the company faced a major loss in the year 2008. It was of $929 million and along with this, there was a writing off of $2 billion in terms of bad loans.


Just like other banks Citizens too signed contracts with multiple supermarket outlets. These contracts helped in discovering their bank outlets in the stores. Most of these branches are in Giant Eagle stores that are based in Pittsburgh. The greatest number of these was developed with the help of the retail banking division of Mellon Financial Corporation. Not only these shops but the Citizens also has branches in Shaw and Stop & Shop stores in England. The unique and best part about its services is the full-service banking. The bank’s supermarket outlet is operational on Sundays with timings beings 10 am to 3 pm. This absolute quality made it one of the first banks that operate on Sundays in North America.

In September 2010, Giant Eagle shared details about its new contract with the Huntington Bank. According to the new agreement it would replace branches of other banks and would open them for Huntington in multiple stores of West Virginia and Ohio region. There was a major announcement by the Citizens Bank on 25th June 2008. According to it, the bank would sell 188 of its branches that are in upstate New York. This was to prepare for the opening of its 57 new branches in the downstate Community Bank System Inc. In 2009 Citizens opened its branch inside the Dunkin Donuts store in Massachusetts. It is a full-service branch that offers ATM, teller windows, and promotions.

Routing Number of Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania Routing Number

The routing number of the bank is actually a code that is of nine-digit. It can also be termed as a bank code that is utilized for the banking purpose. This may involve payments like direct deposits, electronic transactions, ordering checks, wire transfers, and more. The Citizens Bank routing number is further called with names like ABA numbers, bank routing numbers, routing transit numbers, and ACH routing numbers. There is a difference in routing number based on the branch of the bank. You have to check the branch where you have opened your savings account. It is a very important number so do not share it with anyone and remember it for banking transactions.

How to check the Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania Routing Number?

The best method is to locate the number on the check. There are certain digits written on the lower end of the check. The first 9 are the defined as the routing number. You will need them to perform several transactions.

Routing NumberLocationRegistered Name
271071321Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011304517Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011601443Riverside, RICitizens Bank
044015831Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
211070175Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
211574613Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011001331Riverside, RIAvidia Bank
011401533Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
021372940Hudson, NAAvidia Bank
072402076Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
211170114Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
231373069Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
011500120Riverside, RICitizens Bank National Association
031101143Riverside, RICitizens Bank
221370030Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
241070417Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
021313103Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na
036076150Riverside, RICitizens Bank
222371054Riverside, RICitizens Bank Na