The Capital One Financial Corporation being a bank holding company specializes in savings, auto loans, credit cards, and savings. It’s headquarter is based in McLean that is located in Virginia. According to assets and deposits of Capital One in the United States, it is ranked as the 8th largest commercial bank. Now, coming to the position of the bank in the list of largest banks in terms of assets it is 10th in the United States.

Capital One Routing Number

The Capital One Bank has 755 branches. This includes 18 café style locations with 2000 ATMs. Talking about the bank’s achievements, it is ranked 100th on the Fortune 500 list and 17th on the list of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for.

In the 1900s, the Company played the major role in the mass marketing of credit cards. Due to its direct mail credit card solicitations, it has the maximum number of customers for the United States Postal Service. In terms of buying volume as the credit card issuer, it is positioned 5th just after the popular banks like CitiGroup, Banks of America, American Express, and JP Morgan Chase.


Capital One is nowhere behind as an automobile lender. In 2016, it was calculated that as an auto lender it market share of 4.2%. In the same year, the company’s maximum revenue generation was from credit cards i.e. 62%. Rest of the revenue share includes 26% from consumer banking, 11% from commercial banking, and 1% from the other sources.

Capital One Financial Corporation-Sections

There are 3 different divisions of the Capital One. They are as follows:

  • Consumer Banking: This service includes the money market accounts, checking accounts, and savings accounts. Under this division, there is a direct bank too i.e. Capital One 360. Consumer banking is further divided into two parts:
  • Home Mortgage: Until 31st December 2016, the Capital One Bank was amongst the largest mortgage lenders. Its share in home loans was about $21 billion. However, it took the decision of quitting the mortgage industry on 7th November 2017. It was the 12th-largest lender in terms of mortgage, with about $20.6 billion solely in residential mortgages.
  • Auto Loans: When it comes to the ranking of top auto lenders in the U.S. by volume, the Capital One is amongst the top banks. Together it shares the list with JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Ally Financial, and Bank of America.
  • Commercial Banking: It was in 2016 alone that the Capital One had $66 billion in loans outstanding acquired by business possessions, commercial, and multifamily.
  • Credit Cards: The regions in which the Capital One issues credit cards are Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. As recorded on 31st December 2016, the Capital One was ranked as the 3rd largest credit card issuer just after the JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. In the United States, the bank’s share was 12.1 % of the total outstanding credit cards receivable balances i.e. $91 billion. During the same time, the Capital One’s credit card loans outstanding amount was $97 billion in the United States while it was $8 billion in the UK and Canada.

What is the Capital One Bank's Routing Number

The Routing number is needed for a variety of purpose. You need it for check reordering, planning the direct deposits, setting up electronic payments, and wire transfers. These Routing Transit Numbers are also recognized by other names like transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, and ACH routing numbers.

The concept of routing number was launched in the year 1910. Americans Bank Association is the one that developed this concept. It has a lot of benefits. By using this concept the banks have eased the process of check clearance. Not only this but the routing numbers are now used for the purpose of online transactions like NEFT, money transfer, payment of bills and more. Without the routing numbers, it is not possible for you to complete the transactions online. Thus, we have provided the list of Capital One Routing Numbers for you. You can pick the one according to your bank account.

If you want to know the routing number of the bank account then you can use the check provided to you by the Capital One Bank. Just check the initial nine-digits starting from the left corner towards the right.

The routing number of your bank account totally depends on the institution you have your account in. You can check your online statement or any other official paper related to the bank to find about the bank corporation.

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