The time when the banks were opened we had no idea that they will become such an essential part of our life. Banking services have created a great impact on the transactions that we do on a regular basis. There are certain procedures that we need to follow so that the transactions are safe. Routing numbers play an important role in the banking services. Here, we are going to discuss the Fifth Third Bank Routing Numbers in detail.

fifth third routing number

The Fifth Third Bank is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s headquarter is situated in the building named Fifth Third Center. This provincial banking company is mainly based in the United States of America. It is even the primary subsidiary of a bank holding company named Fifth Third Bancorp. Talking about its primary business it consists of payment handling, branch banking, investment banking, commercial banking, commercial banking, and investment banking.

Fifth Third Bank-History

The Bank of the Ohio Valley was opened in Cincinnati on 17th June 1858. On 23rd June 1863, it marked the opening of another bank i.e. the Third National Bank. It was in the year 1871 that both of these banks merged. The current bank i.e. the Fifth Third Bank is the result of the merger of the “Third National Bank” and “Fifth National Bank”. This major merger was noted on 1st June 1908. Earlier there was a hyphen between “Fifth” and “Third” that was later dropped.

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It occurred during that period of time when the prohibitionist ideas were gaining popularity. If the name was “Third Fifth” then there were chances of it being construed as three-fifths of alcohol so it was thought that “Fifth Third” was better. The title of the bank has gone through multiple changes before “Fifth Third Bank” was finalized on 24th March 1969.

There were various acquisitions done by the bank. In the year 1994, there was the acquisition of Cumberland Federal Bancorp. It was done for $149. The bank acquired twelve branches from PNC Financial Services in 1995. The bank also acquired W. Lyman Case and Company that is Ohio based. This company was the originator of real estate loans. Again, there was a big acquisition. It was of Enterprise Federal Bancorp. At that point in time, this group was one of the biggest thrifts in the area of Cincinnati. The acquisition was big as it was for $96.3 million with 11 branches.

Fifth Third Bank Locations

The bank is based in Ohio and has a really strong network when it comes to the branches. They are opened around 10 different states in the South, Southeast, and Midwest. It has 1,154 and 2,649 branches and automated teller machines respectively. These are operational in Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

When you compare the rate of savings account of this bank with others then you will find it low in this bank. This hasn’t affected the customers holding the account. It has earned really good ratings for some of its facilities like “Mobile App”. The app is available for both “iOS” and “Android” platforms. The bank is quite helpful as it even supports Twitter account.

Fifth Third bank Routing Numbers

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The routing numbers are essential for bill payment or transfer of money through internet banking transfers. You can transfer the funds from the savings account to any other deposit account or third-party account. The Fifth Third Bank routing number is a nine-digit documentation number. It is mainly used for setting up or processing the ACH transactions. It helps in identifying the bank and institution so that correct proceeding of the transfers is done. It is a form of security provided to the sender that assures the sender that the funds will be transferred to the actual receiver only. These numbers are used for multiple transactions like direct transfers, mobile payments, wire fund transfers, and more. The routing number is written on the check but in case you cannot find it you can use the Fifth Third Bank login on the official site for the same

RegionRouting Number
PA-Western Pennsylvania043018868
OH-Northwestern Ohio041200050
OH-Columbus, Ohio044002161
OH-Northeastern Ohio041002711
OH-Southern Ohio042207735
OH-Western Ohio042202196
MI-Western Michigan072400052
NC-North Carolina053100737
MI-Eastern Michigan072405455
OH-Cincinnati, Ohio042000314
MO-St. Louis, Missouri081019104
MI-Northern Michigan072401404
IN-Southern Indiana086300041
KY-Southwestern Kentucky083002342
KY-Northern Kentucky042100230
IN-Central Indiana074908594
KY-Central Kentucky042101190
FL-South Florida067091719
FL-Central Florida063109935
FL-Tampa, Florida063103915
FL-North Florida063113057